Rum Cake: Have a Slice of Jamaica!

jamaican snow


jamaican snowRare Picture of Jamaican Snow!

Cant make it to to the Caribbean next week? Well who says you cant bring the islands to you? Jamaica may be a out of reach right now, but that doesnt mean you cant still experience the amazing island right in your very home! Jamaican Black Cake’s taste takes you right to the beautiful Caribbean island that it is. Traditionally this rum cake is the vibrant island’s Christmas or Wedding Cake, yet the Jamaican black cake is amazing for any day or holiday special to you and your family.

Have a slice of Jamaica in your home any time of year! The Black Rum Cake makes for the best adult holiday cake. Thanksgiving dessert with this warming rum-wine infused cake is sure to bring autumn to your table. And nothings says family like Christmas time, and this cake is all about family. Rum cake is known for its meaning of love and affection in the West Indian culture, and now you can have a slice of long standing tradition to make all your own with Jamaican Black Cake, brining the islands to your pallet with every bite!

When you think of Jamaica, you think of amazing people, old tradition, warmth, vibrant food, loving family, strong roots, embracing life and taking time to marvel in it. When you put all of those elements together, you get Rum Cake. Ms. Merls Jamaican Black Cake is filled with imported Jamaican Rum and Wine, seasoned with the finest spices but most importantly its put all together with every ounce of love imaginable, just like the great island of Jamaica. This season, bring the vibrant, warm and good family tradition into your homes; have a slice of Jamaica.

Happy Holidays!.

MsMerlRum Cake: Have a Slice of Jamaica!

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