How To Make Rum Cake: Jamaican Black Cake

How To Make The Ultimate Rum Cake

The Beginners Guide to Rum Cake: Jamaican Black Cake

Ms. Merl gives us a sneak peek into the special, whole ingredients she uses to bake her Christmas cake. Come look, nuh?!


There’s no other place your going to get a rum cake this fresh. Made specifically for you and not just anyone. It hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for a week or months in your local West Indian shop. It doesn’t have chunks of hard to chew fruit or stems. Premium ingredients and trusted names like Wray and Nephew Rum infused with locally grown fresh organic fruit. A customer asked why organic fruit when your going to soak it in rum. Ms. Merl told them because it tastes more delicious that way. You be the judge. The standard in Ms. Merl’s jamaican black cake and rum cake, is very apparent.


When we say “step by step process” we mean that literally. Ms. Merl inspects all her spices and only uses whole spices in her rum cake. Nutmeg and Pure Vanilla are just a few of the spices used that gives Ms. Merls cake their unique and therefore highly demanded taste. Freshly hand grated each spice into each baked to order cake, and that means Ms. Merl spices per order as well. Freshness is something Ms. Merl takes to heart.

Each Christmas, after all Ms. Merls Rum Cakes are made, enjoyed, and all the tins are empty, she begins the process again.  Ms. Merl hand picks her organic raisins, prunes and other fruits one by one, and starts a whole new dark Jamaican rum and port wine mixture for them marinate in until the next christmas baking season comes. It brings the taste of the Caribbean to your  holiday table.  Its these attention to details that is what this best Black Cake is made of.

Organic Eggs

Whipped to perfection

Only organic eggs are used.  A whole dozen eggs are added one egg at a time to ensure the creamy texture of the cake. Because this cake is so delectable in its final form, its important to take your time and know the process of what ingredient are mixed together first, in order for all the components to come to life in your mouth!

Dry meets Egg's mixture creates the batter

Order Ms. Merls Jamaican Black Cake This Holiday Season. 


Check out How to Make Jamaican Black Cake! by Ms Merl on Snapguide..

MsMerlHow To Make Rum Cake: Jamaican Black Cake

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      Jamaica map
      This is our step by step guide to making Jamaican black cake.
      Unfortunately, we do not have a public rum cake recipe at this time.

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    In the 70s in coffee houses in Malaysia and Singapore used to sell delicious , dark and moist rum cakes . The centre part is somewhat denser than the sides and the bottom. I wonder if anyone has the recipe for it ?

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